How can bootstrapped founders reach PMF?

Rejection is commonplace.

  1. I did something I never imagined doing again — I attended campus tours of top universities in NYC to meet prospective students and interview them.
  2. I built multiple landing pages to A/B test what the audiences resonated with and sent them a follow-up form to ask them what they were looking for.
  3. I got into scrappy mode and entered all kinds of Facebook groups, Telegram, and Discord channels, sent DMs on social media, and personally wrote to 100s of potential customers about what I am building. I actually got responses!
  4. I drafted some newsletters inspired by some of the best content creators I have been following and sent them to the segmented audiences to see what they resonated with and if they’d be happy to get on a call.
  5. I tested my hypothesis of who would be the paying customers by moving away from B2C and focussing on potential B2B clients who I could pilot with.



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